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118 Orange St
(Between Malvern Ave and Broadway)

Memorial Close Up

POW Flag.jpg

The POW Flag at the Veteran's Memorial was ripped to pieces during the recent "micro-burst" of strong winds that reached wind-speeds up to 80 MPH in that area.
Emblem Club 194 members stepped in and furnished a new POW Flag that is a double-sided Flag and a stronger flag then the single-sided Flag that was destroyed in the wind-storm.
Emblem Club Americanism Chairman, Sharon Kelsay and Emblem Club Recording Secretary, Nancy Harris took the new Flag to the Veteran's Memorial on Sunday evening, August 12th and Veteran's Memorial Committee Treasurer, Fred Kelsay assisted the ladies in replacing the tattered POW Flag.

Morris Cash, Steve Smith, Fred Kelsay

Memorial_Donation (West Shores)
Steve Smith, Nina Alter , Fred Kelsay, Jo West Taylor, Morris Cash & Carole Lacey

We still need your help !
  The Veterans Memorial Commitee has worked hard to raise funds to erect a memorial to all Garland County veterans, and veterans with home and family ties to Garland County.  The Memorial which was originally planned to be built on Whittington Avenue , has been built in the beautiful Hot Springs Greenway , at 118 Orange St between Malvern Avenue and Broadway.  This location, just across the street from the Farmers Market, makes it a centerpiece icon for our community.
Donations are being raised through the offering of personally inscribed bricks , pavers and obelisks.
The cost to have a veterans name and service information on a brick is $100.00 for an individual  brick.
Larger donations will be recognized through larger paver style bricks and also oblisks of different sizes.
This is a chance for our community to reach out and proudly recognize its veterans from all branches of the military.
Your support is greatly appreciated!!
Deadline for next Brick and Paver order is
 1 Sep 2014
Bricks and Pavers ordered by this date will be installed prior to the Veterans Day  observance.

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